Downloading the VMware client application

To access the Tetherview VMware portal click here

Or you can enter URL: into any browser.

Your Username will be your standard VIPdesk Connect username format. So your firstname.lastname

The Password you will need to use will be your VIPdesk Connect password. If you need to check your password/account status you can visit our Account Services site.

The Domain drop down box might be auto selected to "VDI", you will want to click the drop down arrow to the right and select VIPDESKCONNECT.

Now please click "Login" and this brings you to the Desktop Portal where you can select to load a desktop, OR if you scroll down, you can choose to download the client


Clicking on "Download Clients" will bring a pop up requesting you download the PCoIP View client, click on the link in that pop up, and a new tab will open for VMware's download site.

Select the version from the two circled below to advance to the download screen:


Click the blue "download" button from the download screen and wait for it to finish downloading and launch. Agree to the terms and watch the magic as the green circle completes and the green checkmark becomes illuminated. Once it has finished it will ask if you would like to restart now or later. Choose to restart, and once you are back online you should have a shiny new icon on your desktop for VMware and can choose to launch a VDI desktop either through that icon on your desktop or return to the portal to launch.

Should you run into any hiccups, let the Help Desk team know, and we'll be glad to assist!


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