Using a TOTP token

Hey there, everyone. If anyone is having issues with their regular token refreshing it's code, you may be sent a TOTP token to scan with your Google Authenticator app, to use in the interim. 


The help desk can send you one if you haven't already received one via ticket. If you are having issues with your original token and suspect you may need a different one, please let us know by starting a ticket or clicking here.


When we send you a TOTP QR code, go into your Google Authenticator and click the plus sign on the bottom right hand of the screen of your second device. Then, scan then QR code. 


You should then see another 6 digit code come up on your device. You will be using this one instead of the refresh button on your OATH token. There may be a circle or clock which shows time is running down. That's ok, it is the auto timer on the token. If it is almost done, just wait until a new 6 digit number comes up. 



The timer is set for the exact time the original token was set up to expire (which is 60 sec). If it looks like it is getting low, just wait until it runs out. It will give you a new 6 digit number each 60 seconds. 



Remember, just like the original OATH number you can only put in the number incorrectly 5 times or else it will lock you out. If you suspect you have been locked out, start a ticket for us.


Hope this helps anyone who may be experiencing difficulty getting in. You are more than welcome to contact us with any questions, or if you feel like you may need more direct instruction. 

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