Selecting Your Headset for VDI

To ensure that your softphone within VDI (Virtual Desktop) is using the correct audio device, you must select it prior to going into a desktop. This only needs to be done once, but does need to be done for each datacenter (East and West)

For Mac Users, Click Here.


Let's begin by making sure that your Headset is plugged in, and then:

  1. Launch the Vmware Horizon Client from your local desktop icon. New VMware Horizon Client icon · Issue #37 · autopkg/rtrouton-recipes ·  GitHub
  2. Log into your datacenter (East or West)
  3. Once you see the desktop pool options, click on the gear in the upper right side Screenshot_3_3_17__3_48_PM-1024x324.png
  4. Once the popup opens, click on Real-Time Audio-Video
  5. Under Preferred Microphone, click the drop down menu and select your headset. It should not say All.     
  6. Under Preferred Speaker, click the drop down menu and select your headset. It should not say Default.    
  7. NOTE: You should never select Realtek(R) Audio for either
  8. Now you are all set to Log into your desktop as you normally would.

This will ensure the Virtual Desktop knows exactly what microphone to use.

NOTE: If you change this after logging in you will need to fully log out of the desktop, wait a minute then log back in to ensure you have the correct device. 


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