How to collect Chrome network and console logs


If you're reading this article, you may have been asked to collect some logs for the tech team from your browser. Below are some easy steps you can use to collect those logs. 


Step 1:  Select the three dots / settings in the upper right of your Chrome window. Then from the menu select more tools and then developer tools


Step 2: With the Developer tools open, lets reclaim some of that screen space and pop out the developer tools section. Really this step is optional, but since part of the process is also usually asking you to work as normal, this should help make it less painful to work around. To pop out the window select the three dots inside the dev tools window, then the two square icons on the list of ways to dock the panel. 



Step 3: Next, we'll finish up the last of our 'prep' work. First select the network tab across the top, then from the bar below, select preserve log


Step 4: The hard part- waiting. You can minimize the developer tools window (be sure not to close it!) and go about your regular routine now. The key factor now is to wait until *IT* happens, whatever it is that we're trying to find. Once it does happen proceed to the next steps to save the logs so we can review. Also if you're able and have been directed to replicate the issue, you can do that for this step then proceed on to next steps. 


Step 5: If you're here- whatever we were waiting on happened (or you're reading ahead, haha). If the inciting event hasn't happened yet and it's your end of shift / the testing is no longer applicable to you (moving from phone to chat rest of day, etc). No worries! Just close everything down and let tech know you didn't get any bites.

If it /did/ happen and now you're needing to save those logs - use the steps below. 


First up, lets pull the network logs. Right click on any of the lines below then select 'Save all as HAR with content'. I'd recommend setting the file name as some combo of your name and the date. No need to get too fancy with save location, you can save it right to your desktop. 



Next, lets pull the console logs. Select the console tab, then right click again and select 'save as...'


And that's it! You're done. If you can, email the files to your tech or if that gives you any errors (the logs get too big or have other issues being mailed) leave them on your virtual desktop and alert your tech.


Still confused? Try this video out.

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