How to Find your System Information on Windows 10

So, you finally saved up enough to get that new computer. You scrimped and saved and go to the store and ask the salesperson to show you the best one in your price range.  Or, you are out Holiday shopping and see an awesome computer with all the bells and whistles, for how much?!? (Bonus points for sending me the info on that amazing sale)

But, you are unsure of whether or not it is going to have the specs you need for work. It is always better to find out whether it will be good enough for work. No reason to find out afterwards that you cannot use it, or have to return it. 

Here is how you would find that information on a Windows 10 platform:

1- Go into your Cortana Search Bar and type in System Information


2- Click on System Information. That will take you to this screen. 


From there you can tell all the information you will need to see if it qualifies as part of your job requirements. As a reminder you can always check with the Tech Team to see current minimum requirements before going to purchase your new computer.

OS Name: must be Windows 10

Processor: this is where you will find the important stuff. For 2 Core, it needs to have 2.0 GHz (or 2000 MHz). For 4 cores or more, it needs to have at least 1.5 GHz (or 1500 MHz).

As long as it meets those requirements, you will be fine. 

If you have been working and either your supervisor or Tech Team need your computer specs, here is how to save them on your computer for upload:

From that same screen above, just go to File, then Save


Add whatever name (we just named this System Information) and click Save.

That will save the file for upload, which can be uploaded to Microsoft Teams, or on a ticket to Tech Team for verification. 


Hope this helped!!! If you need any further information, or if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to the Tech Team by submitting a ticket. 


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