Wireless Connectivity Issues

You finally got the approval to work wirelessly, YAY!!!! But, it keeps dropping, NOOOOOOOO!!!

A lot of things can happen when it comes to working wirelessly.

Whatever internet speeds you are supposed to have according to your ISP, just cut those in half. That is what you will get, in ideal conditions with WiFi.

Another consideration is if your wireless networks (2.4 gHz and 5 gHz) are combined. I always suggest having them combined. This seamlessly allows your devices to switch between the two to give you the best, most stable connection of them. Let me explain te difference real quick. 5 gHz is the quickest, but it only works when you are in close quarters. 2.4 gHz is not as fast, but works for a farther distance. If your networks are separated, you would have to switch between them manually. If they are combined, your network will give you the most stable, yet quickest of the two.

Something else to remember, whatever is connected via ethernet, will always come before WiFi connections. Any security systems that are hardwired, TVs, gaming consoles, other computers, those come before any wireless connections.

Then we get into the nitty gritty. Wireless does not mean without barriers. It merely means no wire. So there are a lot of things that will interfere in that signal getting to you smooth and concise.

  • Walls (drywall has the least impact, concrete has high impact, walls with plumbing in them are the worst)
  • How many floors are between you and the router/gateway (i.e. first floor, second floor)
  • If the wireless signal has to travel through appliances, bathrooms, aquairums, other devices.
  • How far away from the router/gateway you are
  • How many people are connected to the internet
  • What network are you on? 5 gHz or 2.4 gHz. (5 is faster, but only when you are close. 2.4 is slower but gives you a more stable connection for distance)
  • If you have items like a baby monitor, microwave, or wireless security cameras. Even if they aren’t connected to the internet, the frequencies interfere with the signal getting to your computer.

The best way to check your internet connection is to use https://portal.vipdesk.com/speed-test, log in using your AD creds ( firstname.lastname ) and your password. If you are still experiencing issues, start a ticket and attach a screenshot of your speedtest with your ticket.

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