VMware Sign-Out Procedure

When disconnecting from the virtual desktop there is a right and wrong way of ending your session. It is important to make sure you're signing out correctly or else you're accidentally occupying a virtual desktop one of your colleagues may need to use as they sign on for work. 

If you've been disconnecting by hitting the 'x' unfortunately, that is the wrong way. Don't worry though, using the 'wrong way' is not the end of the world! Think of it more like pouring yourself a drink and spilling a little bit then not cleaning it up. If one person does it- it's only a few drops but if everyone does it then suddenly we've got a big sticky mess. And that's how you get ants. No one wants to get ants. 


Good news though, ending your session the 'right way' is easy and only takes a little bit of extra time. 

First, select 'Options' from the upper left side of the VM window. (**Note if you're having trouble finding this, try re-sizing your virtual desktop screen into windowed mode.)

Then select 'disconnect and log off'.


Next you'll be greeted by a series of pop-up messages. For the first one hit 'OK'.


This next one can be a little tricky- but to complete the process all you have to do is wait. No inputs required!


Like the pop-up says, only press 'OK' if you do not want to log off yet. Otherwise, wait for a few moments and the virtual desktop should close on it's own. Once it's closed- congratulations! You've successfully signed out. 


An alternative method for signing out is also by using the Start > (user) > Sign Out method.  


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