How to Sign in with No Phone Enabled

Are you constantly getting logged out of Bright Pattern while working a chat/email shift? Then launching Bright Pattern with no phone enabled may be just the trick for you!

***Please Note: This is only to be performed if you are not required to be taking calls. If for whatever reason you need to return to taking calls- you WILL have to sign out, re-enable the soft phone and sign back in.***


As you're signing into Bright Pattern, look for phone device. 


Select 'No Phone'

(if you're reversing these steps to return to taking calls- use Softphone with computer headset)


Viola! You're done.

Proceed to sign in as you normally do with your Bright Pattern username and password.


Note: You may see this icon NoPhoneBP.PNG beside your name. This is normal if you're signed in with no phone, and is just making sure you and the team know you have no phone currently enabled. 

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