Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions can be handy tools to enhance your web browsing experience, but can sometimes cause your browser to respond differently than normal. At times, mainly to rule them out, we may ask you to try something with your extensions disabled.  


You can view and manage your chrome extensions by either plugging this into your address bar: chrome://extensions/

or by navigating through the menu, pictured below. 


That should bring you to a page that looks similar but most likely not exactly like the one below. 


*Note* Unless otherwise directed do not remove or disable the Agent Desktop Chrome extension. 


Unsure of what to do from here? That's A-OK. Take a moment and examine the extensions that are installed. Ask yourself, did I install this? Do I use this?

If the answer is 'No' to either question you can use the slider for each individual extension to disable it or remove it if you prefer.

When exploring your extensions for a troubleshooting test, typically we ask that you disable or remove all non-essential ones. (Everything but the Agent Desktop)

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