Is TEAMS moving a little sluggish?

You have your coffee in hand, you are ready to take on the day! Feeling organized and energized you log into your work applications. A model of efficiency and punctuality, go you!


Now if only TEAMS could take your example here.....


It is clear to you that someone didn't have their Wheatie's today. Sluggish performance, delays in typing, loading chats, it's driving you mad! You've rebooted, you've exited and reloaded. Now what? Let's try this!

Using your Windows search feature, type in %appdata%\Microsoft\teams yes that is a mouthful, and yes you can copy and paste it from this article.

Now you can slap TEAMS by removing the following files:

  1. In Application Cache > Cache folder, delete all files in it.
  2. In Blob_storage folder, delete all files.
  3. In Cache folder, delete all files.
  4. In databases folder, delete all files.
  5. In GPUCache folder, delete all files.
  6. In IndexedDB folder, delete the .db file.
  7. In Local Storage folder, delete all files.
  8. In tmp folder, delete all files.

Now a clever reboot, relaunch the app, and you should notice an improvement. If you do not, try using the web version of Teams and report the difference in your experience there to the Help Desk team!

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    Valerie Fiedler

    This really helps!!