Need to set up MFA on a new device?

1. Click this link

You will log in using your VIPdesk credentials (same as your VDI login)

2. Locate your token and click on it as shown below:

delete token 1.png


3. Click on “Delete Token as shown below:

delete token 2.png


Now it’s time to enroll a new token to scan on your device. (Make sure you have also deleted the token from your phone or device prior to scanning a new QR code to avoid confusion! If you need instructions on this, please don’t hesitate to ask.)

Enrolling a new token after deleting a token:


1. Click on “Enroll Token” from the left side menu as shown below:

create new token 1.png


2. The settings for your new TOTP token will auto fill so the next step is simply to click “Enroll Token” again. See below:

enroll token 2.png


3. Grab your device and get ready to scan the new token’s QR code displayed on your screen. Once you have scanned this QR on your phone's app, you'll need to retrieve a 6 digit code from it and enter it to verify your token. See below:

scan and verify.png


All set and ready to log in using your new token. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you are stuck in any part of this process, we’ll be happy to jump in and wrangle the MFA site for you!

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