Adding VIPdesk Locations to VMware

Before we begin, be sure you have downloaded the client and have it available on your desktop. You will need to launch it from your desktop to add the new connection servers. The desktop icon should appear as a green and white cloud. If you do not have this icon or cannot find it, please let us know!


You will need to add both or as new connection servers Where you will log in daily will depend on which team you are on. If you're not sure which will be your daily driver, reach out to your team leadership or support. I will walk you through adding one of the connection servers below. You will want to repeat this process to add the other. You will want to add both before you move on as there may be times during an outage you will be asked to switch. 

To add a server connection, click on "New Server" and you will be prompted to "enter the name of the connection server" you will enter: or 

vmware add server.pngnew server.png

Please note, at the time of setup you will likely only have access to EAST or WEST but not both. We will use the alternate in the case of maintenance or an outage.

Once the connection is added, a popup requesting your credentials will show. It will first request a 6 digit code from your Microsoft Authenticator and THEN your passowrd. The login and password for VMware View Client are your username (first.last name) and your VIPDesk Connect password.


After you enter your password, you will be shown the desktop connections you have available. Simply double click on the connection you have been asked to use and you see the virtual desktop begin to load!

Here comes the wait......

It can sometimes take a few minutes for the desktop to load. You will know the desktop has fully loaded when you see your Teams screen pop up and your Outlook email has loaded in Chrome. This indicates the desktop is done loading, all systems go!

Did you receive a RADIUS error instead of desktop connections? Try following the steps HERE

Did you receive a General Authentication error? This generally means the code you entered in the first step was correct, but your password was not. You can always try again! If you have tried 3x and are still unable to log in, it can indicate this is not the server you should connect to. Reach out to Support and we'll get it sorted out!



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