Help Desk has asked me to "Power Cycle" my equipment, how do I do this?

The Help Desk Specialist has asked you to power cycle your equipment to help resolve an issue with any number of applications. While this may sometimes seem like an unnecessary and often frustratingly lengthy request, it is actually a very key step in diagnosing the issue and getting you back up and taking calls. Power cycling your modem and router allows them to reset and reestablish a connection to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Follow these steps to completely power cycle the devices in your network:

Note: If your modem has a battery backup, you will need to take the battery out or use the reset button on the modem.

  1. Shut down all computers connected to the modem/router.
  2. Power down/unplug the router (if you use one).
  3. Power down/unplug the modem.
  4. Allow to sit for 60 seconds, unplugged.
  5. Turn on the modem, and allow it to completely boot up until the front panel connection lights show a steady connection.
  6. Turn on the router—if you have one—and allow it to completely boot up as well.
  7. Start the computer and allow it to completely boot up.

Once you have completed this step try logging back in to your applications starting first with VMware. If you continue to experience issues with your applications, update your ticket to let the technician know you have tried power cycling.

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