How to setup VIPdesk MFA

What is MFA?

MFA, or Multi Factor Authentication, is a way of logging in something with multiple factors (eg something you know, like a password, and something you have, like a cell phone).

Because of the second factor, we need you to setup you phone (or tablet) with an application that will generate a code that you will use when logging into Virtual Desktop on your computer.


Setting up MFA is easy! Follow these simple steps. This process only needs to be completed once.


Step 1:

Download the Google Authenticator App to your smart phone if you have not already done so:

Apple Devices

Android Devices

Step 2: 

Go to on your computer and sign in using your VIPdesk username (first.lastname) and password.

Once logged in, select Enroll to be given your code!




Step 3: 

Using the Google Authenticator app, select 'Scan a QR' code to add the code to your app. 


Step 4:

**Ding** You're all setup and ready for the launch of VIPdesk's New MFA!


Next up, review the article on how to use our new VIPdesk MFA here: 

How to use VIPdesk MFA


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