Getting To Your Local Sound Control Panel While In VMware

So, we have been in the position of needing to check your sound control panel on your local desktop while logged into VMware. 

Instead of having to log out and back in here is how you can do it without having to log off and back on. 


While in VDI, hit the minimize button at the top of your screen. 



That will minimize VMware. Don't worry, I will show you how to bring it back up later in the article. 

Next navigate to your sound control panel.

On your Windows Computer, go to the Windows key and click on Settings (gear symbol).


That will pop up a screen that looks similar to this. Click on System.


This screen will pop up. On the left hand side of the screen, you will see a list of different settings available on your computer, Click on the Sound selection. 


This changes the screen from Display Settings to your Sound Settings. You should see your headset listed as your Output and Input device. If you don't or are still having issues. click on the Sound Control Panel setting listed on the right side of the screen. If you don't see it listed, expand your screen to full screen. 


When you hit that Sound Control Panel, you will have a small screen pop up. If you don't see it, minimize the other pop up. Chances are its hiding behind the bigger screen. 

Make sure that under the Playback tab, that you see your headset and that it has a green check mark next to it. If you hover over it and right-click that will bring up the screen below. Ensure it is enabled and your other playback devices are disabled. You do this by right-clicking on them and disabling them. 


Do the same under the Recording tab as well. It is the same process you did before with the Playback tab.



If you right-click on the Levels tab, you will see a sliding bar like below. This is the volume for your microphone portion of your headset. This is important to check, especially when callers say they can't hear you or you are very low. 


You want to make sure it is on 100 and then test it out. You can do that on the first Sound Setting screen, under Test Your Microphone


After your headset is situated, you will need to navigate back to VDI. To do that, close out of all of your Sound Settings and click on the VMware icon. 

You should see a screen that has the pool you were in there (just like logging in at the beginning of your shift). Double click the pool and Voila! Back in.



Hope this helps, and always remember, if you couldn't find your answer here or in any of the Help Articles, submit a ticket.


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