Logging into Vmware, VPN and Avaya

Before reading this tutorial, be sure you have read the previous articles about removing the TV connection server and adding the Evolve connection server.

Once you have followed those steps you are ready to log into VMware and once in the VMware desktop, you are able to log into Global Protect VPN and Avaya. Here's how:

1. With VMware launched from your desktop double click on the Evolve connection server (VIPdesk-west.evolvedaas.com)


2. Enter your VIPdesk Connect credentials (first.lastname *not your full email address* and the password you use to access Teams/Outlook) and click "Login"


3. Select Pool-W-1 by double clicking it.


4. Now here comes the wait. Remember that old saying about patience and virtue? Hold close to that, because in this might test yours. The first time logging in it can take up to 5-10 minutes (though it generally does not) before you see your VMware desktop as shown below.

**IMPORTANT: Even when it does display your desktop, things are still getting ready for you, so try not to launch of navigate to any applications until you see the Teams Login screen pop up on your desktop, once it does, you are...as they say... "fully loaded" and can begin logging into your HA software/sites**


5. Now that your desktop is loaded, let's find your apps! To locate your Global Protect VPN you will need to search for it by click the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen and begin typing "Global Protect" it will pull up the VPN for you to click on. Click on it and enter the portal voicevpn.homeadvisor.com and log in using your VPN credentials.

6. To locate Avaya, follow those same steps. Click the Windows icon in the lower left and begin typing "Avaya", locate it on the result list, click to launch it and then log in by clicking "change login settings" and enter your information the way you did when you configured it on your local desktop as shown HERE.


7. Launch Chrome and you will see that your HA bookmarks are located right there in the browser! If you click on the "HomeAdvisor Bookmarks" you will see it has sections for the client applications (HomeAdvisor) as well as ones for VIPdesk Connect.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues logging in or navigating, please reach out to the Help Desk team, we'll be glad to lend a hand in any way we can!



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