VPN Installation

Hey there!

If you're reading this article you've been directed to (re)install the VPN. Good news! It's a super easy. 


If you have already installed the software, please take a moment and ensure that the previous version you have installed has finished being removed. (A reboot afterwards is never a bad idea either.)

Then once you're ready to install, click HERE.

Your download should commence. Then once its completed, open and run the file. Take all of the default settings by hitting 'next' and selecting 'yes' if you receive any security prompts. 


When you see the above, if you're still in training- you're done!

If you're currently working, enter in voicevpn.homeadvisor.com and then your HA credentials. 


Stuck? Have questions? Concerns?

Here's a couple of tips: 

-Make sure any previous copies of the VPN you had installed are completely uninstalled. This goes for any software you may have had from a previous employer as well. 

-Ensure that the profile you're using is an administrator. 

If you're unsure of any of the above tips, or have other issues please let us know and we'll be happy to help! Don't already have an open ticket? Open one with us HERE

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