Submitting your System Information

Submitting your System Information to the help desk:

Please press Windows Key + the letter "R" on your keyboard to open the Run command window




In the Run command window, type msinfo32.exe, and press OK to run.




The System Information will open and you can save System Information by clicking File in the top left hand corner, clicking Save, typing a name for the file, and then clicking Save again.




Windows saves this information in the NFO file format. If you have trouble opening this file, you can save System Information in the TXT file format by clicking File, clicking Export, typing a name for the file, and then clicking Save.

Please attach the system information file for review in the attachments section of your ticket by dragging and dropping the NFO/TXT file or pressing Add File and selecting the file directly. 


Congratulations you have successfully submitted your system information!


If you encounter any problems while submitting your file please update your ticket and we will be happy to assist you.


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