Reinstalling the VPN and Avaya

Sometimes, when other troubleshooting steps have failed, you will be asked to uninstall/reinstall the VPN and Avaya. Be sure you have a Helpdesk ticket open before performing this step. Not all issues will be resolved by doing so, so it's better to check with us prior to beginning.


You will need to disconnect from Avaya and the VPN. Then visit your Control Panel to uninstall both.


Once they are uninstalled, do a quick reboot and then download both applications here:

When installing, Windows may try to block the application from installing.

Windows Smart Screen


If so, click on More info then Run anyway

Windows Smart Screen


You may also see this. If so, click yes  

Windows Smart Screen

If you use Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 once the program has finished installing, please run the Avaya update located here: Avaya Update

If you use Windows 7, then please proceed with re-entering your connection details and credentials. 

After this has completed installation launch Global Protect VPN. You will need to enter the portal address prior to entering your login credentials.

The portal address is:

Now enter your credentials provided by HomeAdvisor. If you need to reset your password:

HA direct: 303-963-8911

Choose the option for password resets. You will need to have your Avaya extension, full name and managers name (Tim Birchfield)-Reminder: Your BETTI password is the same as your VPN password so once this is updated you need to use this password for your BETTI login PW as well.

You'll have 2 chances to use a password to login before the third time, which will lock you out. When you are locked out of the VPN, it will unlock, but only after 30 minutes.

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