Clearing cache and cookies in Chrome

You should clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history periodically in order to prevent or resolve performance problems. You may also be asked to perform this step by the help desk as part of troubleshooting your issue. 

If a website you normally use is acting differently, not loading properly, or generally 'off' clearing your cache and cookies is among some of the first steps we may recommend. 

***No matter which browser you are using, once you have cleared, please close ALL of your browser windows before re-launching it.***

Here's how to do so:


Do you like doing things the easy way? In the URL bar in the browser enter or copy/paste: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData


You can also navigate there through the menu as shown below: 



Once there you will be presented with options like below. For best results, ensure that all three options are selected. 




A pop up will appear with a drop down for time range, it's a good idea to clear out completely, but usually never helpful to only select "the last hour". Select a range that suits your need.



Still here? Confused? Yours doesn't look like that at all?! No worries friend! You're probably not using Google Chrome

The ancient scrolls speak of a time long ago before Google ruled the land. All joking aside, if you're required to use a different browser and need assistance clearing the cache and cookies for it- please let the help desk know!



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