Headset calibration/test

If you find you are not hearing Avaya in your headset, there are a few things you can try to resolve this.

First you will want to check your Windows playback and recording devices. Disable any but your headset and headset mic for both playback and recording.


You should also re select the headset in Avaya's audio preferences, even if the headset already shows as selected.

Then you should run the test in Avaya and make any adjustments:

  • Log into the VPN and then Avaya
  • In the Upper right side >Go to Agent Preferences, 
  • Then click on ‘Advanced Tab’ where all the system audio settings are 
  • Go down to the gains options.  
  • The first one needs to be right over the "N" in Back Ground noise check which puts it at about .047.  
  • The Receive gain needs to be half way between that setting and the half way mark which is about 2.39.  
  • Then once those are saved go back in and run the "Background noise test". This calibrates the system to you, please stay quiet while it's running. It's setting your system. 

If your issue is still not resolved after trying these steps, be sure to let the Helpdesk team know you've tried these steps when you open your ticket. They can then assist with further troubleshooting.

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