Resolving Avaya quality problems

Your Avaya is acting up currently, your call quality might be sounding poor, garbled, or maybe customers think you are doubling as a diver. No need to fear, troubleshooting Avaya call quality can be straight forward when you follow the right steps.

The first step is to open a support ticket at for your friendly neighborhood technical support team and scheduling. There are a few brief steps that you will need to complete before submitting your support ticket to help you receive the fastest support possible.

You will need to complete a brief assessment of your internet connection on your local desktop, so log out of Avaya and the VPN, and disconnect/logoff of your VMware desktop.

To check if your connectivity could be causing these issues we recommend taking a speed test from the following location:

Once completed you will need to attach a screenshot or paste the URL result link showing your speed test results to your support ticket.

The speed test will provide you with results for your speed, as well as latency/jitters. Anything in excess of 50 ms in latency, or under 2mbps upload speed indicates that you will require a full power cycle of your networking equipment. We have a helpful support article to walk you through this process below:

Once you have completed the power cycle please take the speed test again to check for improvements. Once you see that you are under 50ms latency and 2mbps or greater with upload speeds, please log into VMware, connect to the VPN and Avaya and see if quality has improved.



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  • Avatar
    Ana FELIPE

    I connect to Avaya...can hear the upcoming calls but they do not hear me. I will run the recommended procedures again.

  • Avatar
    Cynthia Steele-edwards

    I have not been able to successfully update avaya

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