The Help Desk has requested a VPN Log, how do I get one to them?

So the troubleshooting steps have not resolved your VPN issue?

Now the Help Desk Team is requesting a log. The only question is how to get those logs, and how to ship them over to the Help Desk.

The VPN actually makes this incredibly easy, and in a few clicks, you'll be able to give the Help Desk everything they need to assist in diagnosing or escalating your issue if it's beyond our capabilities.


1. Locate the VPN icon in your hidden icons.


2. Then select the three lines in the upper right of the VPN pop-up, settings, the troubleshooting tab, and the Collect logs button as demonstrated below. 


3. Here, let the logs finish saving and select 'Open Folder' when completed. 


4. Finally, after selecting 'Open Folder' you should be presented with a layout similar to what is pictured below. Locate the .zip folder labeled GlobalProtectLogs and attach it to your reply.



Now you can pop open your email and respond to your ticket by attaching the whole zip file and sending it. If you have any issues sending this file please reach out and the Help Desk Team will be able to guide you through this.

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