Cannot connect or cannot stay connected to the VPN

Having a frustrating time connecting to, or staying connected to the VPN? Let’s take a look at what steps you can take to rid yourself of some annoying connection issues.

First, visit and check your speed. If you speed/quality/bloat fails, or doesn't grade properly, you should take a screen shot of this test and include it in a ticket for the Help Desk Team, then take a few moments to try these troubleshooting steps. These are listed in an order that should allow for the fewest reboots/power cycles etc. Though you may try these in any order:


  1. If you are not able to connect due to a password or authentication issue, you might be locked out. To test this try visiting and see if your user ID and password allows you in. If so, the issue is not one with your account.
  2. If you have tried the above step and are still not able to be connected or stay connected to the VPN (you probably saw this step coming) please try a power cycle of your modem and PC.
  3. Now that you have power cycled and checked your account, try temporarily disabling your Windows firewall and antivirus prior to connecting.
  4. If you have Windows Defender enabled as your antivirus, please disable this and see if your connection to the VPN remains steady. If this step resolves the issue, let the Help Desk Team know and we can recommend an alternative antivirus software.


If you have tried the above steps and are still not able to be connected or stay connected to the VPN there may be an issue with GlobalProtect’s installation on your system. The Help Desk Team will work with you to repair or reinstall the VPN or address any bandwidth issues Or CPU spikes that might be causing a problem.


If the issue is related to your credentials, you will need to reach out to HA directly:

HA direct: 303-963-8911

Choose the option for password resets. You will need to have your Avaya extension, full name and managers name (Tim Birchfield)-Reminder: Your BETTI password is the same as your VPN password so once this is updated you need to use this password for your BETTI login PW as well

You'll have 2 chances to use a password to login before the third time, which will lock you out. When you are locked out of the VPN, it will unlock, but only after 30 minutes.


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