Why isn't BETTI popping?

Oh BETTI, asleep on the job again eh?  Playing hide and seek?

Let's give her a poke and see where she's hiding!


First we need to set or confirm your default browser is set correctly. To do this go into Chrome and click on the setting icon (3 line icon in the upper right)

1. Select Settings

2. Look for the Default Browser heading and click the button underneath to set Chrome as your default browser.


Now that we've set or confirmed your default browser as Chrome, let's enable popups! While still in Chrome Settings:

1. Click on the link for Show Advanced Settings

2. Under Privacy select Content Settings...

3. Scroll down to Pop Ups and select allow sites to show pop ups.


Now head back to Avaya and click on the System Options icon in the upper right.

From the options list select System Settings

Locate Screen Pops from the menu on the left then click once to highlight a link on the right. You should see the ha-vipdesk betti link show in the "Address or URL of program" field. Once you see a link in there, click the Test button.

You should now see a blank pop up in Chrome, you can close out of that blank pop up and begin taking calls.

If instead of a blank pop up you see an SSL error, please be sure you are logging into the security gateways before loading BETTI. If you are unsure if you logged into both, try closing the Chrome browser and open it again. Then log into your BETTI security sites.


If you do not see the ha-betti.vipdesk link in the url field and instead see a service magic link, please note this in your ticket, or do us one better and submit a screen shot of it.

If Chrome crashes when you use BETTI in Chrome, please note in your ticket any error the browser offers you, such as a wait/kill option.

As a good rule of thumb any screenshots you can offer will help us get you the right assistance, right away!


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    Cynthia Steele-edwards

    Betti was not popping shut everything down rebooted

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