Tetherview Portal Instructions

To access the Tetherview VMware portal click here

Or you can enter URL: https://vipdesk.tetherview.com/index.action into any browser.

Your Username will be your standard VIPdesk Connect username format. So your firstname.lastname

The Password you will need to use will be your VIPdesk Connect password. If you need to check your password/account status you can visit our Account Services site.

The Domain drop down box might be auto selected to "VDI", you will want to click the drop down arrow to the right and select VIPDESKCONNECT.

Now please click "Login" and this brings you to the Desktop Portal which will look like this:

Simply click on "Desktop" and you will be able to pull up your virtual desktop.

If you click on Download Clients you will be redirected to VMware and given options to download the current version of VMware for your local desktop. If you choose this option, please see my article regarding VMware on your local desktop.

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