Installing the Extension and Plugin in Chrome

SIP Softphone is disconnecting, Bright Pattern has logged you out more than once today! You are tired of rebooting, and if you read the words power cycle one more time today.....

Maybe it's time to consider re-installing the plugin and extension.


Before beginning the installation, please visit your control panel to uninstall your current Agent Desktop Helper as seen below:

Navigate to your control panel, in the right you will see “View by” if you want to locate uninstall as I have below you will need to sort by “Category” view.

Once you click this choose “Uninstall a program”.

After selecting Uninstall a Program, locate “Agent Desktop Helper” in your list of installed programs and left click it once to highlight it, above you will now see an option to “Uninstall”


Once you have completed the uninstall, it’s a good idea to reboot your PC so that we can be sure Agent Desktop Helper has uninstalled. Take a moment to do this now. I promise I’ll hold your spot!


Welcome back! Now that you have completely uninstalled your Agent Desktop Helper. Take a moment and disable your Antivirus software, and disable your Windows Firewall. If you need it, I’ve typed up a helpful article here discussing how to do so:

Once you have followed those steps it’s time to launch your Chrome browser and navigate to and log in with your usual username and password for Bright Pattern.


When you log in you will be prompted to install both the plug in and now the Chrome extension as seen below.


Follow the directions by clicking and running / installing the Agent Desktop Helper using the highlighted “downloading” link and then waiting for the plugin to download, when it's finished click the small download link in the lower left as pictured below.



You will likely be prompted by Windows to allow this install, so please click to accept. Once it has finished installation you will get the popup pictured below.

Click "ok" here but note that even though the popup is requesting you refresh, please do not yet refresh your browser. We still need to install the Chrome extension, for help with the Extension for Chrome, read on!

Clicking the “Chrome extension from the App Store” link will take you to Chrome’s app store, but don’t worry, no money is going to change hands here, it is a free app extension! I’m not saying you were worried, but if you were, don’t be I’m usually pretty trustworthy!

The tab for the app store that should pull up will look like this and you’ll want to click on “Add to Chrome”


After clicking “Add to Chrome” a second small pop up will display asking if you want to “Add the Extension” please click that button as seen below.


Great! You will now see that the Agent Desktop Chrome Extension has been successfully added!

You may now close this tab and click ok to the popups on the Bright Pattern Agent Desktop. It’s time to hit “Refresh” and then when prompted “Reload the page”.

For a mere moment you might see “SIP has disconnected” but it should disappear. If it does not, log out of the Agent Desktop and log in again. If you continue to see issues with SIP disconnecting or issues with your headset, please submit a ticket for the help desk.

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