VMware is stuck while loading!

*Please note: If you have already exited VMware using the red X at the top right of your VMware screen please open a ticket before reading further*


VMware is insisting that it is loading, and loading, and loading. You've had faith in that for some time now, though the clock is ticking. You were due on shift 5 minutes ago. Should you open a ticket? The X in the upper right corner is beckoning you. It would all be so easy, just to click it. Make the endless welcome screen disappear. What difference will it make? What will happen if I just start over?

You've clicked it!  You are free....or are you? Instead of a quick second attempt ending in success, you are now getting errors.

"There are no desktops available", but your coworkers are in. Did they hog all the desktops?!

"Maximum sessions have been exceeded", wait, I don't even have a session running yet!

"Cannot log in at this time" due to strange message that has led you to believe you are already logged in, but how?!

What has happened? You have a hung session. Your local PC has stopped requesting a VMware desktop from our pool of available ones once you clicked the X. However, during all that welcoming, you were not actually "stuck" it was a slow loading desktop.  So now you are half in, and half out and definitely need some help. Each time you try you are requesting an additional desktop. Now you've got two, now three.

What can be done now?  Reach out to a Help Desk Specialist by opening a ticket and ask us to log off that hung session before proceeding. If possible do this during your first attempt.

What can be done to prevent this?  I hate to throw out a cliche here, but the old adage applies here, patience can definitely be a virtue. In this situation it can even be a lifesaver! You will almost always create a hung session when using the X instead of waiting for VMware to either load, or give you an error if it fails to load. You should not wait more than 10 minutes, if you find you have waited more than 10 minutes open a ticket. If you wait (up to that 10 minute mark) until the loading completes, you are in!  If it errors, please try power cycling your PC and modem (your router too if used) and then try again. If the error happens again after power cycling, you are now armed with all the information you need to get quick assistance from a Specialist.


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