Temporarily disabling Windows Firewall

Turn off your Windows Firewall, are we crazy?!

Nothing to fear here! No matter how scary this may sound at first. You have been asked to turn off your firewall and if you need a minute, I can sympathize. We've all been taught that the internet is filled with bad guys, who are just dying to get into your PC. So the very idea of turning it off can be somewhat off putting. However, we will not be asking you to open up your PC to all of the wilds of the internet for long. For a clean and smooth Zipwire installation, and some troubleshooting if you should have an issue, this is often a necessary step as your firewall can, on occasion, block an installation unintentionally.

Now that we're passed the tough part, the acceptance bit, let's move on to the "How To":

Locate the Windows Menu in the bottom left corner of the task bar and then select Control Panel from the menu.

*Windows 8 and 10 users, you can just click the windows button and use your search feature to search “Control Panel” once you have located the desktop app, and not just a web search (generally the app will show at the TOP of the list) you will be able to follow the rest of this tutorial*


This is your Control Panel, if you see a ton of different Icons, you can change this view to Category in the upper right of all those tiny icons.

When selecting “View By”, you can view by Category.

You will want to click on the “System and Security” icon to proceed.


 You will want to select “Windows Firewall” as shown below.



 Select the “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” option.


 Please turn off Home or Private, as well as Public Network as seen below:

Now Click OK to save. When you are done loading the plugins, or we are done troubleshooting, in case we forget to remind you please remember to come back through these directions and turn your firewall back on.

IMPORTANT: Certain Antivirus software programs will control your Windows firewall and therefore will not allow you to disable it following these steps. While I strongly recommend moving away from any Antivirus that does this, if you are certain you are not ready to give up your Antivirus then please disable your Firewall from inside your Antivirus software. VIPdesk Connect Help Desk support representatives are not experts with all Antivirus interfaces (we apologize, but there's only so much room in our gray matter despite any rumors you may have heard) so please reach out to your Antivirus software manufacturer or user manual for assistance with firewall issues.

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