"I've been locked out" , "What's my password" and other password puzzles

We've all been there. The dreaded "login failed" or "Oops!" login messages. You are sure you typed in the right password so you try it again, and again. There it is, you've gotten a "lockout".

Password lockouts can be a real headache!  Moments ticking by like an eternity, waiting for assistance in unlocking your account. Those moments might even be a good time to read this article!  Not only for my sympathy (believe me I do sympathize), but also to brush up on password policies, and what goes where.

You set up your passwords when you in the on-boarding process, or when you enter training (such as Bright Pattern, Avaya etc). They required a certain amount of characters, an uppercase letter, a special character and a number. Here is an easy breakdown of what you will use these for, daily. Some of these applications you may not use on your team,


University (Account Services)

Outlook/Office365 (Account Services)

VMware Tetherview (Account Services)

Bright Pattern (Resets are done using the "Forgot Password?" link on the Agent Desktop login.)

Global Protect VPN (Resets are done by calling 303-963-8911
Select the option for password resets. You'll need your Avaya extension, full name and managers name, which is Tim Birchfield)


It is important to note that these passwords DO expire, every 60 days. In some cases you will be prompted to change them before it in most cases, but it is also a good idea to mark on a calendar the date you changed your password. This way after typing your password in and receiving a login failure the first time, you can glance at your calendar and go ahead and change it accordingly if it has expired. 

To change your passwords you will visit:


If you have a client specific password such as BETTI, Zendesk, CSC or MMS, you will need to reach out to your SL, or Ops team for assistance.

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