Is my Antivirus or Firewall blocking Bright Pattern's SIP plugin?

No one's perfect right?  Well, no Antivirus software or plugin is perfect either. The latter being a bit harder to understand obviously. Think of it this way, software is developed by people. Get the idea?

It may happen that your Bright Pattern Agent Desktop Helper plugin will either be corrupted, or that portions of it were blocked by your antivirus software during installation. For this reason we strongly recommend that when you are installing for the first time, or reinstalling you have both your Windows Firewall off as well as your antivirus program. This will allow you a full and clean install of the Agent Desktop helper without any portion of the download being blocked. If you need assistance with disabling your Windows Firewall, see here for instructions.

Some antivirus programs will continually try to block the plugins. So any antivirus with a "safe search" bar, or active web monitoring can be problematic as it can block or remove the plugin based on your settings and whether you've allowed it as an exception.

Other problematic antivirus programs will take "control" of your Windows Firewall, and this can make it difficult to be sure you've configured SIP to be allowed through the firewall, or sometimes even be sure you've fully disabled your firewall.

If you feel this describes your antivirus software, or you've noticed that SIP worked one day but now you are constantly being disconnected or prompted to reinstall the plugin, you may consider proactively switching to either:

Microsoft Security Essentials *as advertised for the "low low price of free"*

Note: Windows 8 and 10 users, you will know MSE as Windows Defender only.


Avast! *no need to purchase, the free version of Avast is sufficient*

A quick word about PC clean up. CCleaner and Malwarebytes are great tools! If you have not already installed them, I do recommend that you install and run them. However, allowing them to actively run all the time, monitoring and removing things may sound like a dream, but often cause more trouble than the benefit of doing so.  We suggest you run these on a schedule, but not leave them actively monitoring your PC as they can take up considerable resources from your machine that can be used towards the SIP connection.

If you have any questions regarding PC clean up, or your PC Security, feel free to reach out to the Help Desk and we will gladly answer any questions we can. Please understand that with the volume of different Antivirus solutions available, we may not know how to disable your Antivirus, or allow an exception. For this you will need to reach out to your Antivirus software's customer support.

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