Avaya Logs For Escalation or Support

During the escalation or support process you may be asked to pull your Avaya logs and email them. Luckily this process is simple, and can offer either Home Advisor or VIPdesk Connect's support team insight into what might be lurking on your PC, just under the surface.


To pull your Avaya logs:

Navigate to your Windows Search option (located either in your system tray or can be accessed by clicking on the windows logo in the lower left of your screen) and type the following:


%APPDATA% into the search feature and click on the corresponding file folder that comes up in "best match" results.


Locate the “Avaya” folder and open it.

Inside that folder is a folder called “One X Agent” click on that to open it.

Inside that folder is a folder labeled “2.5” click on that folder. (yes, yes it is like a nesting doll only instead of another doll, there's something useful at the end.)

There it is! The folder called “Log Files”

Put your cursor on that file and check the box that appears to the left of the file folder icon.

Now up at the top above “File” and “Home” is a picture of a file folder with a zipper on it next to an icon of an open file folder. Click that.

It will create a “zipped” log file in the list, now simply drag and drop that into and email to the Help Desk team!

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